Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

My style is one of Fashion meets Wedding, I focus heavily on taking an artistic approach to environmental portraiture and look for bold images throughout the event. I blend techniques From landscape photography with those of high end fashion photoshoots to produce strong images with a point of difference. I spend a lot of time in post production and it is in this process that i turn your photographs into unique pieces of fine art.

One of the main factors that separates each of my packages is the amount of time spent on the creative process after your wedding. The style of editing I focus on for dramatic results can take hours per image so to understand the cost involved with each package you are buying time spent in studio editing this creates a unique personal touch to your images

  • If requested a second shooter can be organised for your day price upon request

  • Im prepared to travel to your wedding but please note any long distance travel may incur a small fuel charge

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